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Client: Lyprinol


Lyprinol is a 100% all-natural anti-inflammatory green-lipped mussel from New Zealand. Their supplement has helped millions of people around the world achieve pain relief in joints and aches throughout their body.

The Solution

Lyprinol asked Think Zap to create web design visuals and build them an e-commerce website to sell their supplement to their market through Google ads and video advertising.

Think Zap designed and built an online shop using WooCommerce’s complete solution. Easy to manage and flexible gives the client an online shop they are able to edit and add new products without the need of a web designer. This helps the client grow their online store with no restrictions.

Think Zap also create Google ad campaigns for Lyprinol. Lyprinol pays £3.81 per conversion with an average order value order of £60.51 with a 50% profit margins. Please get in contact to find out more.

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