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Create a brand which educates businesses on GDPR and the vulnerabilities of a cyber attack.

Think Zap were asked to help an insurance company come up with a name and a brand for their cyber insurance business. Education on the subject was key.

We were also tasked with making sure that this brand can be repeated in other sectors and the client wanted a customer portal where they could share sensitive information.


The client needed a name to represent what they do, who they do it for, and how their model of insurance was to benefit the whole rather than the insurance company.

That’s why we came up with the name — CyberBee. Bee’s work as a whole to make the hive stronger.


We designed a custom WordPress theme around the branding of CyberBee and created custom templates to manage the extensive content to help educate the end-user on the topic of GDPR.

A quiz was designed for businesses to take to see what risk they were at and a backend system for their users to see their policies.

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