Amore Coffee

Branding & Print Digital Marketing Web Design & Build

Time for a refresh and bring our brand

and marketing into 2020 and beyond.


Amore Coffee was introduced to us by Rocco Espresso because of the successful work we do for them. They wanted to capture most of the office coffee market in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

This site is their second site with Think Zap as they wanted a new look that engages with offices and other industries. We also wanted to create services pages like a sales landing page which bares all and customers can see the majority of what Amore Coffee offer.


Amore Coffee’s branding was outdated and it didn’t allow us to use different background colours when it came to social media graphics and other marketing materials.

The idea of businesses supplying coffee to their employees is to increase more bonds within the workplace. Standing around the coffee machine, at lunchtime, in meetings and more. That’s why we have the coffee cups facing one another in the logo as if two friends are sharing a conversation over coffee.


Amore Coffee’s new website is easy to navigate and depending on who you are, there’s a section of the website for you. It means we can target more searches in Google and other search engines to maximise organic leads. These specific pages are also used for paid search so we can send users to a page more aligned with what they searched for.

With our unique content blocks and custom WordPress theme, it means Amore Coffee have a website we can consistently grow over the next five years without having to redesign or rebuild their website.

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