Nicholson Gin

Digital Marketing Web Design & Build

A substantial and classic gin gets a substantial and classic website.


Think Zap has been working with Nicholson Gin since 2017 and their revival by direct descendants of the original Nicholson family. Since then, Nicholson Gin has established themselves as ‘The Spirit of Cricket’ and made waves within the gin world. It was our job to bring their brand to life throughout their new website redesign.


When you hold a bottle of Nicholson Gin you’ll notice their unique label design. It has lots of elements which have a lot of meaning behind them. It was our job to bring their brand more to live throughout their website.

Previously, we had restrictions to their menu and collectively we didn’t want to use a dropdown menu so we created a full view menu which means as we add much more content to the website, the new menu can handle it.

Take a look at their timeline history which was designed and built to work on all devices. Notice how we’ve used brand elements to showcase their amazing cocktails.

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