Sales Recruit Scotland

Digital Marketing Web Design & Build

Design and build a custom theme

that we can grow and invest for

multiple businesses in the future.


Sales Recruit Scotland were looking for a web partner to help modernise their website. They didn’t want the standard sales recruitment images with men in suits shaking hands. Their biggest need was they wanted to be able to have full access to change text and images and re-use their custom-built WordPress theme for other areas of their business.


Since Sales Recruit Scotland work within one area and certain industries we were able to use images that related to Scotland and markets like engineering and oil and gas.

This site was designed and built knowing more brands and industries within recruitment were going to be utilising the custom-built theme. Since going live with their first site in June of 2019, we have added one more site with a further two ready to be launch early 2020.

It means the Sales Recruit Scotland’s initial investment has allowed them to grow and further develop more sites without having to invest at the same level as their first site. Building assets like this for your business is a way to help your business become more investable if the option was to sell one day.

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