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5 Ideas To Make Your Website Better This Week

5 Ideas To Make Your Website Better This Week

Your website is never complete. Then why do most of you build a website and never touch it for months and even years? In a word. Action. It’s not like you don’t know what to do. You can use Google, can’t you? … Continued

Thank You from Think Zap

We’re Moved… But Not Very Far!

Zap are no longer Zap Designs. We’ve changed our name to Think Zap and decided to move to a new domain, thinkzap.co.uk. Have a look at Zaps new site. They have just been #Zapped! Click To Tweet The past 5 … Continued

10% Marketing Growth Strategy

The 10% Marketing Growth Strategy You Need For Your Small Business

If you’re a small business, looking to increase sales and profit, this article is for you. I’m always looking to keep marketing simple, especially when explaining my processes when helping a business grow their revenue through online marketing tactics. The magical … Continued

A goldmine from the 1800's

You’re Already Sitting On A Customer Goldmine

We all wonder how to get more customers and more leads landing on our laps all the time, right? What if we don’t need more leads or even more customers? What if we’re already sitting on a boat load of … Continued

Take Social Media Away From Your Business

How Much Would Your Business Lose If They Took Away Social Media?

Think about that question for a moment! Still thinking? If you didn’t have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile, would it really matter to your revenue? I know a lot of businesses aren’t making or saving money from using social … Continued

Rand Fishkin provided a quote for content marketing advice

Content Marketing Advice From 17 Online Marketing Experts

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly sought after skill in the world of online marketing. Traditional link building for SEO purposes is becoming a riskier business, and with the amount of online noise, it is harder than ever for your … Continued

top 10 top 10 lists in digital and marketing

Top 10 of The Top 10 Lists in Digital and Marketing

Here’s a list of the Top 10, Top 10 Lists in Digital & Marketing. Enjoy! 1. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Posts: This Year in Social Media Over at the Social Media Examiner, they write hundreds of social media articles every … Continued


11 Business Quotes You Need to Read Today

If you love running a business, you’ll love these 11 quotes. Here at Zap we have collated 11 of the best. “Fortune favours the brave!” ~ Virgil Click To Tweet “If it ain’t broke, break it (or someone else will … Continued

google analytics

4 Free Tools You Need If You Can’t Afford Premium

Are you a solopreneur, micro or small business and can’t afford to be spending hundreds or thousands on tools to help market your business?  We were the same when we first started and lived off free subscriptions and tools to … Continued


Your Website Is Worth At Least £26,500. And Here’s Why!

Got a website? Does it generate business? Is it working like an employee? Here’s the deal. If your website isn’t making you money or serving its purpose, it’s time to change things. You’ve either spent money developing a site for … Continued