Branding & Print Web Design & Build

CCRS needed a website to match
their first class service. As per usual,
we obliged.


It was time for a rebrand and deliver a brand and website which is not your usual boring insurance website.

CCRS are not your usual insurance company. They are innovators and constantly disrupting the market. We needed to create a brand and website that did just that. The website has to user-friendly compared to most insurance websites and it has to be flexible so as the business grows the website is easily maintained.


Creating the logo for CCRS was a collaboration between us and the client. We had gone through many ideas but this simple version won over all the others.

It’s an example of our hard work and if we don’t get it right the first time, we will get it right the next time.


The logo colours played a big part on the website design along with a couple of other introductions. Each page is carefully structured so even if you’re on a sub page, the reader can easily browse the headlines and know what the page is about but if the user likes to read a lot, there is paragraph text for them too.

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