Eneus Energy

Branding & Print Web Design & Build

Bringing new technology

to the renewable sector.


Our partnership with Green Cat Renewables led us to work with one of their partners, Eneus Energy. Think Zap was contracted to take over their branding and web design project. Whilst we are still trying to fully understand how they produce their particular type of green energy, we’re glad the team at Think Zap were able to produce a website showing their experience, knowledge and technology Eneus Energy brings to the renewable sector.


Eneus Energy produces green ammonia and since the molecule for ammonia has one nitrogen atom with three hydrogen atoms we designed a logo that matches that connection. As simple as that.


Their new website is built using our own custom-built WordPress theme and we decided the solution to this was to make modular content blocks. We like to compare it to Lego, each block is humble and unassuming in isolation, but when combined together, you can create any combination that you can think of.

This means for Eneus Energy, as they grow, and they start to gather more content, their website can grow with them. With custom tables and graphics to showcase their stats and to help investors understand more about what they do, Chris Bronsdon, CEO of Eneus Energy, and his team are delighted with the outcome.

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