Betasoft CS

Branding & Print Web Design & Build

Betasoft initially needed
marketing assistance, in the end,
we provided them a full digital solution.


Betasoft initially approached us regarding marketing and how to improve conversions on their existing website. Their old website was an out-the-box theme, which was the first issue we had to tackle. The site performance from a technical aspect was subpar, and the UI/UX was inconsistent from page to page.

Steffen Gorgas, Betasoft CS Managing Director, agreed that we needed to build a new site to remedy the technical issues, which would then give us the best opportunity to improve engagement and conversions.


Betasoft CS is a sister company of Betasoft. Although managed by different people, both companies were founded by Steffen Gorgas, and are therefore intrinsically linked. We spoke to Steffen about the idea of creating a general brand for Betasoft that could then extend out to the other parts of the business, with included flexibility for any future sub-brands that currently don’t exist.

We created a brand that worked well on both light and dark backgrounds. The future intent is to use unique colours for each sector of the business, so we needed something that basically worked with any colour palette.


We designed and built content blocks based around the existing content on the old website. This allowed us to create a consistent user experience throughout the website. We added subtle transitions throughout the site in order to bring the site to life and grab the attention of users to various calls to action.

We also built in the ability to create stand-alone landing pages that can be used for specific marketing purposes. As part of this, we created unique contact forms for different aspects of the business, allowing Steffen to better track which pages were converting. We utilised the power of Gravity Forms to create better autoresponders for customers, whilst continuing to tie into Betasoft’s CRM system.

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