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We’re a digital partner agency.

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We help you succeed online.

We’re a digital partner agency. Our clients partners appreciate that. Whether you’re a team of 50 staff or a team of one, you’ve just added fifteen new members.

Our Ethos.

We truly believe everyone should have an amazing looking website that is built to last. We can assure you that the website you have designed and built by us will last you a long time and still look great.

Every business needs an effective web presence, whether purely virtual or a brick-and-mortar store. Think Zap has successfully helped design and implement web sites and web applications for clients for over ten years.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work whilst maintaining a small business approach so other small businesses can have a top-quality website too.

Client Communication.

We understand that every client is different, some want to be involved as much as possible – some stand back and let us take the lead. Whatever is best for you, we will conform to you.

We are available for face to face meetings, both at our meeting base in Glasgow, meeting at a convenient location for you, or communicating via email and phone. We use internal tools called Notion, Trello and Slack which helps us to manage every aspect of your web project which you can be a part of too.

Communication is key and knowing the process we take so you get updates regularly throughout the whole process. Since we have five phases in our process and multiple key points in each phase we are consistently engaged with the client to sign off aspects of the project or for us to get feedback.

Remote Working.

We changed Think Zap around 2015 from an office environment to allow our team to work from wherever they choose. From home, in a local coffee house, and sometimes across the pond in America. It’s the best decision we ever made. For us and for our customers.

We still have an office in Glasgow and we’re still a local business who serve customers all over the world. We’re a creative business and to ask our creative guys to be their most creative between the hours of 9 and 5 is counter-intuitive.

With no office environment, we’ve increased productive hours from our team. We believe due to the benefits of remote working we can sustain our team longer than most agencies.

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