Following on from our last Meet The Team blog post, Team Zap continues to grow. Meet our newest members…


Meet Jeni.

Jeni recently joined Think Zap’s dev team as our Junior Developer. An interesting fact about Jeni is she could fly a plane before she learned how to drive a car. Coincidentally, her work has taken her to 107 countries.

Another interesting fact about Jeni is that her chihuahua Elf is the best dressed pup on the team. If we’re judging it based on what we’ve been wearing during the pandemic, Elf is probably the best dressed compared to all of Team Zap.

Favourite joke: A skeleton walks into a bar and says, ’Hey, bartender. I’ll have one beer and a mop.


Meet Lauren.

After graduating from Strathclyde University, Lauren has worked with a variety of brands and industries. These include skincare, healthcare and a company which sells knee pads to tradespeople and construction workers. That last one’s pretty niche!

Lauren’s diverse marketing experience makes her a great asset to the team. She will be managing all things social, from research and strategy to creating knock-out content for multiple social platforms.

Also joining Team Zap’s top team of pets is Lauren’s sausage dog, Dennis. Or, as he’s known to his pals, Denny.

Favourite joke: What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloumi!


Meet Adam.

Joining our team of talented designers, Adam is our newest Graphic Designer and recent graduate from Glasgow Caledonian. He specialises in logo design, branding and mock-ups, and has branched into web design and creating social media assets for this role.

His designs are fresh, vibrant and one-of-a-kind. Just what we like to see at Think Zap!

In his free time, Adam enjoys a bit of footy and playing poker.

Favourite Joke: Comic Sans walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Get out, we don’t serve your type here!”


Meet Jack.

A lover of festivals and event marketing expert, Jack also specialises in paid advertising. He can create and schedule adverts to rival that of competitors. He’s data-focused and ready to give clients the best ROAS possible!

Favourite Joke: My doctor told me I was going deaf… The news was hard for me to hear (the worst I can remember).


Meet Ash.

Ash is Team Zap’s Sales Administrator. She handles customer enquiries, invoicing and HR tasks.

Before joining our agency, Ash worked as an event coordinator. She’s super organised and has a spreadsheet for LITERALLY everything. She loves to travel and has lived in four different countries (Scotland, Wales, France and Canada).

In her free time, Ash enjoys playing video games, DnD and boardgames. When Ash first joined the team, she mentioned that she collects swords. This makes Ash Team Zap’s most intimidating member… After Macky’s cat!

Favourite Joke: What do you call a person that travels a lot and never gets angry? A nomad.

Steven Sefton

Digital Director
Steven is our digital director and co-founder of Think Zap.