Are you on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Great, me too! Are you easily annoyed? I’m not, but sometimes there are things that get on my wick and I know you must feel the same in some way.

Are you easily annoyed? I’m not, but sometimes there are things that get on my wick and I know you must feel the same in some way.

If you don’t do anything of these, great, but if you do, please stop now!

LinkedIn Groups

Don’t invite me to a LinkedIn group that has no interest to me. Why would I want to join a Sheep Herders of America group? I’m pretty sure I don’t remember expressing interest in a Save the Snails Foundation. And I think I’d remember if I had a particular affinity for women’s cosmetics sales. If I haven’t stated that I want to be a property angel investor, please don’t invite me to be in your group, especially without reaching out to me first. You’re devaluing your group by having people who don’t have any interest in what the group has to offer.


Friends vs Content

Please don’t concentrate on having more friends than providing high-quality content. I’m sick of getting followed by people with 23,000 followers and have only sent 4 tweets. (I see what you’re doing there. It’s no secret!) This shows that you’re going to spam me and have used bad social media tactics. I have been followed by a social media company who has over 50,000 followers, but I was their first tweet. C’mon. Are you serious? Even the best guys in social media can’t do that.

I LOVE Mondays

Stop sharing posts about hating Monday. Mondays are great! Who knows what adventures a Monday can bring? If you can’t stand going in to work on a Monday morning, get a new job. If you’re so tired because it’s the first day back after the weekend, go to bed early. (Or quit staying up until 2 a.m. playing Call of Duty.) Problem solved.

I Love Mondays

Social Media Experts (Sick in Mouth)

You’re not a social media expert if you’ve only sent a handful of tweets, so stop saying it in your bio. Even if you are some kind of expert, it looks un-professional to say you are when I’ve had more trips to the moon than you have had tweets. Okay, okay. I’ve never actually been to the moon (yet), but you get my point. Give yourself some credit and call yourself something more along the lines of who you are.

Jumping On The Band Wagon

If social media isn’t making or saving your business money right now, don’t get involved in social media or, if you must, get the right training. Why spend all that time using social media for your business for it not to produce any results. Social media can play a part in all businesses in one way or another, but don’t keep using it if you’re not making headway. Surely there are more productive things to do with your time (I heard the Save the Snails Foundation was looking for new blood). Get the right training and stop blaming others in saying that this social media is a waste of time. In fact, it’s you who is wasting your own time.

As BA would say, “I pity the fool!”

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Steven Sefton

Digital Director
Steven is our digital director and co-founder of Think Zap.

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