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Client: Rocco Espresso

Project Brief

Rocco Espresso is looking to build and design a new website since their business had grown and their website is lagging behind. Their SEO is crucial to their business because they generate leads from their efforts but know they could do more.

Think Zap need to make sure this is not affected by the new site but also look for ways to improve their SEO. This can be done through better code, a blog, more information, and a better URL structure.

The website needs to be easily managed and have more call-to-actions.

The Solution

Think Zap designed a mobile responsive website with lots of call-to-actions to their many different types of coffee machines. This increased leads from mobile users and the user is able to navigate the exact type of machine they want very easily. We decided to go from the usual coffee design type website to a more commercial look with a splash of coffee related graphics. Designing a website based on the user and not what you sell can increase website success.

Rocco Espresso’s website is established within Local SEO for key phrases like ‘coffee machines glasgow‘ and we had to make sure we didn’t lose any of the rankings they currently have. Think Zap do this through understanding why those pages rank. When the new site is live, we bring over those ranking elements and in some instances look for ways to improve upon them. A little bit of careful deliberation goes a long way when setting up a new site.

Think Zap are currently working on SEO & PPC campaigns for Rocco Espresso with huge success. If you would like to know more about how we’re developing around 10-20 extra leads per week, please get in touch.

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