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Client: Little BigShot


Little BigShot’s revolutionary healthy energy drink that contains no preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings, is suitable for pregnant women, children age 8+ and vegetarians. Little BigShot contains no caffeine, no taurine and is gluten free. Best of all, it tastes great and very refreshing.

The Solution

Think Zap have been with Little BigShot from day one and one of our first clients. We’ve been an extension of their team and seen them grow from selling their product just in Ireland to sell their product all over the world. Think Zap have contributed to logo design, product design, stand design, web design, video, marketing and everything in between.

Think Zap work great with new startups and understand what businesses need to do to get noticed online. We create strong brands for our clients and this shows through the work we have done for Little BigShot. If you see anything on and off-line regarding Little BigShot, it’s most likely got our skills attached to it.

Little BigShot has gone from an idea to a global brand in such a short time and they’re only going to get bigger with their new product lines ready to be added to the Little BigShot family.

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