7days Performance

Web Design & Build

This million pound company has exponentially grown over the past few months and are having record days and months consistently.


7days Performance approached Think Zap with a website that kept crashing and couldn’t cope with the amount of traffic they were receiving. We implemented a stronger, more reliable system. This significantly increased their sales and improved their return on investment.


Our team built 7days Performance a custom lightweight website. We also switched them over to a more reliable hosting system, better suited to an e-commerce platform. This meant that they could cope with the volume of traffic they received at any given time.


Our custom-built plugin guaranteed that no duplicate numbers were given to customers and these numbers were randomised. It also automated other key processes, including giving customers access to their tickets within the accounts section and sending ticket information over email.


As well as a faster and cleaner website, we integrated Facebook Pixel with the new system and improved the return on social media ad spend. The results of our changes speak for themselves. The percentages displayed below show how we were able to continually drive up sales figures on a month-to-month basis.

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