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How do I write prize descriptions for my site?

Your prize description is an important factor which will influence many people’s decisions. It should let them know the following:

  • What the prize is (or what’s included if it’s a bundle of prizes)
  • How much it costs to enter
  • What are the maximum number of entries per person
  • When and where the live draw will take place.

While it’s not a requirement, you may also want to include a timer on the competition page. This lets people know when a competition is closing and that there’s limited time to enter. It’s also one of the many features of our Zap Competition Plugin.

If the competition prize is a holiday or event, make sure you are accurately describing the prize. This includes any restrictions and any extras the winner will be expected to pay for themselves. For example, travel to the venue.

If you are offering a cash or voucher alternative to any prize, you must state the value. For giveaways with prizes like a car or bike, mention in your T&Cs how the value is calculated (i.e. using auto trader car valuation service” or “ car valuation”.

For more tips, check out our blog post on writing compelling prize descriptions. You can also get in touch with Team Zap to enquire about the copywriting support we offer for this area of your business.