Zap Competitions Knowledgebase

How do I create a discount code/coupon?

On the sidebar, go to WooCommerce > Coupons.

Here, you can edit an existing coupon, or click Add Coupon to create a new coupon code.

The title box, Coupon code, is the actual code used by customers to activate the coupon such as “FREEENTRY3” or “COMP100”.

The Description (optional) is what the discount is for, and will show to the customer at the checkout such as “Congratulations, you have £10 off when you spend £100!”

On this page, there are 3 side tabs with variables you need to check to make sure your coupon is correct: General, Usage restrictions and Usage limits.

Note: hover over the ? icons for help.



There are 3 Discount types:

Percentage discount

Takes a percentage discount. Can be applied to products, categories (“10% off Tech Competitions”), or a min/max spend.

In Coupon amount, add the percentage e.g 60 = 60% discount.

Fixed basket discount

Takes a fixed amount off the customer’s whole basket.

In Coupon amount, add the amount to discount e.g 5 = £5 discount from the basket.

Fixed product discount

Takes a fixed amount from each product (competition ticket) price. You must select the product(s) in Usage restriction.

In Coupon amount, add the amount to discount e.g 0.5 = 50p discount from each ticket price.


Usage restriction

You can assign a Minimum spend (e.g: 50 = “spend over £50 to get…)

You can assign a Maximum spend (e.g. 100 = “…on orders up to £100”)

Add Products (competitions) or Categories to include/exclude. Leave blank to apply to all.

Allowed emails: Add allowed account email addresses here separated with a comma.


Usage limits

You can limit the usage of the coupon code.

Usage limit per coupon: How many people can use the coupon before it is void. Leave blank for unlimited. e.g 100 = “£3 off the first 100 tickets sold”

Limit usage to X items: The maximum number of individual items this coupon can apply to when using product discounts. Leave blank to apply to all qualifying items in basket. e.g 10 = “10% off your first 10 tickets for this comp”

Usage limit per user: How many times this coupon can be used by an individual user. Uses billing email for guests, and user ID for logged in users. 1 = “Can only be used once per user”