Zap Competitions Knowledgebase

Can I get PayPal on my website?

PayPal is a trusted and reliable payment gateway. We are often asked by clients about adding it to their website.

However, PayPal has a strict acceptable use policy and requires pre-approval for certain types of businesses – this includes prize competition businesses. You can contact the Acceptable Use Policy Department directly by emailing [email protected]. You can also contact their customer service team (contact details available on their website). They evaluate competition businesses on a case-by-case basis, and will let you know after your initial contact what documentation they require.

If you have been approved to use PayPal on your website, here’s where to get started with PayPal’s Commerce Platform. If you are unable to get approval for PayPal, there are alternative Payment Gateways available. Please get in touch with Team Zap if you would like to know what these are.

Always confirm what a payment gateway’s terms of use are and whether pre-approval is required before adding it to your website. Getting banned from using a payment gateway can cause a massive disruption to your business and damage your relationship with customers.

We also recommend having two payment gateways on your website. This means if you are having issues with one gateway, customers have an alternative way to pay on your website while the issue is being resolved. If you are experiencing issues with payment on your website, your payment gateway provider should be the first company you contact.