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When choosing a company to work for you need to make sure they’re a good fit for you and the company needs to make sure you’re a good fit for them. That’s why recruitment at Think Zap is done a little differently to other jobs you may have applied for.

We want to know more about you and what makes you tick. We’re less interested in qualifications and more interested in your ambitions. We believe if you are happy in your job and if we can help you achieve your ambitions, both Think Zap and you will benefit immensely.Working here, no two days are the same. Since we have many clients in many different industries, it keeps your role interesting and you’ll be forever learning on the job.

If you’re passionate about design, digital, development or marketing, and think Think Zap would be a great place to work, we would love to hear from you.

Remote working.

We changed Think Zap around 2015 from an office environment to allow our team to work from wherever they choose. From home, in a local coffee house, and sometimes across the pond in America. It’s the best decision we ever made. For us and for our customers.

We still have an office in Glasgow and we’re still a local business with clients from all over the world. We’re a creative business and to ask our creative guys to be their most creative between the hours of 9 and 5 is counter-intuitive.

Without the office environment, we’ve increased productivity, and our team is much happier. No commutes in and out of cities. We believe due to the benefits of remote working we can sustain our team longer than most agencies.

As a team we are in constant communication since we use Slack as our main line of managing projects. We even have our clients in Slack too. We have weekly meetings and monthly meet-ups.

Current Vacancies.

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Head of Business Development

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Client Services Executive

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Front End WordPress Developer (Freelance)

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Back End WordPress Developer (Freelance)

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Back End WordPress Developer (Full Time)

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Digital Marketing Intern

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SEO Executive / Manager

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Sales Administrator

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Front End WordPress Developer (Full Time)

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A great career decision.

Just ask some members of our team!


Managing Director

My first relationship with Think Zap was as the client, they were effective and I liked the way they operated. When I had the opportunity to join I was delighted, others questioned me as to why I would move from a huge global business? The ‘why’ was easy, firstly Think Zap operate in an honest and transparent way that’s the only way we can deliver and make your business better – I have experienced both sides client and agency and Think Zap’s approach is refreshing. Secondly working remotely and removing the commute has been life changing for me, other organisations lack the trust in their team to take this step – Think Zap have the trust to give flexibility. It’s exciting to be part of a business and a team that is growing and developing every day and I am proud to make a contribution to that.


Project & Account Manager

I joined Think Zap in June 2020, first applying for an advertised role of Content Editor, but knowing at the time this was a company I really liked the sound of! I quickly slotted in to place as the Project and Account Manager, and valued the trust and confidence I was given to thrive as an individual in a close knit team. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of agency life, creating great working relationships with project stakeholders, and the support of a team that really cares.


Junior Developer

When I made the transition as a developer, I wanted to find a company that would provide me with the support I needed to progress in my field. Zap is exactly that. I have a diverse team of individuals to help whenever I need and there is a real sense of camaraderie within the workplace. I have learned so much since I started at the end of 2020, not just in development but in so many different areas of the agency. Getting to work from home has allowed me to spend time with my ‘hairy weans’ however, I always look forward to our team outings as Zap is made up of a great bunch of people.

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